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MADRIDFOTO 2009 - Let's Twist Again Series


MADRIDFOTO, Madrid's first international photography fair, took place May 7-10, 2009 and brought together 47 galleries from all around Spain and 15 countries. The fair's advisory committee was comprised of Rafael Doctor (art critic and founder of MUSAC), Lorena Martínez de Corral (freelance curator and director of Expoactual), Rosa Olivares (curator, editor and director of the specialized publication EXIT) and Giulietta Speranza (Art Director of MADRIDFOTO).

The Drissien Gallery of Munich presented my “Let’s Go Twist Again” series during the fair (May 7-10, 2009).

Mesmerizing effects of repetition, twisted, dance-like triptychs, journeys into the past and present, explorations of illusions and their psycho-physiological effects … and color ... the impact of color and the artistic element of the line were all present in my photographic work exhibited there. Perceptual ambiguities and movement created by patterns and lines had always forms part of my visual curiosity. Chubby Checker, Steve Reich, Brigitte Riley, Naum Gabo and Yaacov Agam are amongst the many that have influenced my work.

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