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My most recent photographic work is highly autobiographical.  It is comprised of places where I have lingered, always in awe, sometimes in bewilderment or incredulity.  I liken my images of colored light to musical notations without sound, contemplative pauses for emotional exploration.  The decay and disarray of the contructed landscape motivates me to either alter its reality or extract its mezmerizing patterns.  As for the poetry that exalts me in nature, its complexity, perfection and grandness limits me to only extract its essence.  My photographs are quests to understand mysteries.



Born:                            Buenos Aires, Argentina                                                                                                                        Residence:    Viana do Castelo, Portugal




2014                            ESTAMPA 2014. Contemporary Art Fair, Madrid.  "Take me there" series. Arte Privado Gallery, (Rosario, Argentina), Matadero-Madrid

2013                            ESPACIO CATORCE HUERTAS, Madrid, Painting and photography exhibition.

2013                            ESTAMPA 2013. Contemporary Art Fair, Madrid.  "Silent Notations" series. Arte Privado Gallery, (Rosario, Argentina), Matadero-Madrid

2012                            ESPACIO CATORCE HUERTAS, Madrid, Painting and photography exhibition.

2012                            THE DINING ROOM GALLERY, Madrid.  Painting, sculpture and photography exhibition of Spanish and international artists

2009                            EUNICE CORTES GALLERY, Madrid.  Photography exhibition coinciding with PhotoEspaña 2009

2009                            MADRIDFOTO 2009. Contemporary Art Fair, Madrid.  "Let’s Go Twist Again" Series. Drissien Galerie (Munich, Alemania)

2008                            ESTAMPA 2008. Contemporary Art Fair, Madrid.  "Color & Line" Series. Arte Privado Gallery (Rosario, Argentina)

2003                            CIRCULO DE BELLAS ARTES, Madrid 

1991                            ESTUDIO SOTOMESA, Madrid.  Drawings

1980                            SCULPTURE CENTER, New York.  Annual sculpture show

1978                            ART STUDENTS LEAGUE, New York.  Annual drawing and painting show

1973-1975                   TUFTS UNIVERSITY, Medford, Massachusetts.  Annual drawing and painting show

1967                            ART STUDENTS LEAGUE, Nueva York.  Annual drawing show. 

1965                            MUSEUM OF MODERN ART EDUCATION CENTER, New York.  Drawings

1962                            HIGH SCHOOL OF ART AND DESIGN, New York. Drawings and paintings



2018-2019                DIMANO 10 - Creative Hub - Artist-in-Residence, Viana do Castelo, Portugal

2010                         SPANISH MINISTRY OF CULTURE, Directorate General of Fine Arts.  Award for the Promotion of Spanish Contemporary Art.

2009                         THE STUDIOS OF KEY WEST, Florida - Cultural Manager in residency

2009                         CITY OF MADRID ARTS DEPARTMENT.  Award for the International Mobility of Artists and Arts Managers, Matadero-Madrid

2008                         CITY OF MADRID ARTS DEPARTMENT.  Award for the International Mobility of Artists and Arts ManagersMatadero-Madrid

1999                         SALZBURG SEMINAR, Austria: “Art, Religion & the Shaping of Culture”

1981                         CENTER FOR LATIN AMERICAN RELATIONS, New York.  New School for Social Research 

1971                         DEWITT WALLACE FOUNDATION. École de Beaux Aires, Arcachon, France 




1972-1976                  TUFTS UNIVERSITY, Medford, Massachusetts. Bachelor of Fine Arts / Boston Museum of Fine Arts Program


Courses & Seminars:


2011                            SCULPTURE CENTER, Chinchon, Madrid.  Professional meetings with Martin Chirino

2010                            CONTEMPORARY FOUNDATION, Madrid.  Profession meetings.  Cultural Management and Public Funding

1992 - present             CIRCULO DE BELLAS ARTES, Madrid.  Drawing workshops

2006-2008                   REGIONAL GOVERNMENT OF MADRID - XV to XVII Photography workshops  

2005 – 2006                ESCUELA DE FOTOGRAFIA CENTRO DE IMAGEN (EFTI), Madrid - Professional Digital Photography certification

1999                            SALZBURG SEMINAR, Austria - “Art, Religion and the Shaping of Culture” seminar

1990-1991                   ESTUDIO SOTOMESA, Madrid.  Drawing

1980-1981                   NEW SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH, New York: "Financing for the Arts" course

                                    SCULPTURE CENTER, New York.  Clay

                                    ART STUDENTS LEAGUE, New York.  Drawing

                                    BOSTON MUSEUM SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS, Boston.  Photography and painting




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